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Alpine-based znc bouncer with auto-building of modules
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znc container

This is an Alpine Linux-based container to run the znc IRC bouncer.
Configuration is expected in /data via a host volume and any cpp source files
found in the 'modules' subdirectory will be fed to znc-buildmod for building
and installation.

The container is set up to expose 45454, but it's trivial to have znc use a
different port and it will work fine.


You can start the container with something like this. The mounted host
directory should already contain at least a ZNC configuration file, or you can
copy the whole datadir from an existing znc.

docker run -p 45454:45454 -v /srv/znc:/data jcrawfordor/znc



  • Automatic building of modules makes it super easy to add modules.
  • Alpine base results in small image size.


  • Automatic module building results in slower startup and a larger image
    (since the image contains sources/build tools)


The start-up script is largely lifted from the similar (but Ubuntu-based)
verb/znc image.

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