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A base debian jessie with 0bin installed.

Default settings

The default contains the folowing config :

HOST = ""
PORT = "8000"
# Encrypted pastes will be saved in this location
PASTE_FILES_ROOT = "/data/0bin"

You can also set the CMD at container runtime and pass more options.

Note that only certain options can be passed via the cli. See more below ("Build your own")

How to use it

Build it

docker build -t 0bin .

Simple launch :

docker run -p 8000:8000 -d 0bin

To make data persistent accross container restart :

# Create a folder for datas on the host
mkdir /some/location
# laucn the container with the host folder mounted as a data volume
docker run -p 8000:8000 -v /some/location/:/data -d 0bin

Build your own

Depending on your wanted customizations, you can either sepcify a different
CMD at runtime passing certain options or build a custom Dockerfile and a
custom file in the same folder.

Look at the default config file for availables settings.

Create a Dockerfile containing:

FROM jcsaaddupuy/0bin

# Adds custom config in the right place
ADD /conf/

You can build it / start it in the same way.

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