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Remotes IR hub for your livingroom, like Harmony but with a RaspberryPI
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Hello Raspberry Pi docker-loving hardware hackers!

This image enables you to run Rasparmony out of the box with a single command. The only requirement is to implement an IR IN/OUT circuit with your RaspberryPI (follow this tutorial:


###Start a Rasparmony service:

docker run -d -p 3000:3000 -e RASPARMONY_CONFIG=/rasparmony/config/config.json --device /dev/mem:/dev/mem -v /lib/modules:/lib/modules -v /rasparmony/config:config --cap-add=ALL --rm --privileged -it jdavisonc/rasparmony

If you want to set up the IN/OUT GPIO pin for LIRC, you can override them like this:

docker run -d -p 3000:3000 -e LIRC_GPIO_IN=23 -e LIRC_GPIO_OUT=22 -e RASPARMONY_CONFIG=/rasparmony/config/config.json --device /dev/mem:/dev/mem -v /lib/modules:/lib/modules -v /rasparmony/config:config --cap-add=ALL --rm --privileged -it jdavisonc/rasparmony

###Default values:


Expose port 3000.

Privileged access to /dev/mem and Kernel (for load LIRC modules) is required by Rasparmony.
Thanks to the Hypriot team for making docker fun on Raspberry Pi!


(The MIT License)

Copyright (c) 2015 Jorge Davison <>

Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining
a copy of this software and associated documentation files (the
'Software'), to deal in the Software without restriction, including
without limitation the rights to use, copy, modify, merge, publish,
distribute, sublicense, and/or sell copies of the Software, and to
permit persons to whom the Software is furnished to do so, subject to
the following conditions:

The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be
included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.

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