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A simple go command that push container with right label swarm host ip to dns.
Full Description

A simple go program that watch event in swarm and update dns accordingly (use dynamic update from RFC2136). Watch all services with label dns.export.enable=true and update their dns records according to the following rules:

  • dns.export.enable=true and dns.export.value=name : will add a dns record for <name> in the given zone for every node ip that contains a task of the service (Record are of type A)
  • dns.export.enable=true and dns.export.value=name and dns.export.cname=cname : will add a dns record for <name> in the given zone which is a CNAME record towards <cname>


  • zone : Dns zone that should contain records
  • search-zone : Specific search zone for swarm node hostname (use to compensate the fact that node hostname are not always FQDN)
  • dns-server : Address or hostname of the dns server to update.
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