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Docker image of "explore Semantic UI for React" repo
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Repo itself is on GitHub.

Development images (dev1...devn) are built from various development branches, and should normally be removed when the branch is either merged or abandoned.

Non-development images are marked v1, v2, etc. latest will always point to the latest non-development image.

Version tag Required memory (`-m ???m) Corresponding commit
v1 320m a43cd89
v2 384m 1eadfc7
v3 384m 07689a9
v4 N/A removed
v5 16m 880a251
v5.1 N/A removed
v5.1.1 16m f2e8c35
v6 16m 17b7d69
v7 16m 95779f9

Image v5 is the first built-for-production (rather than development) image, and it shows that running very nearly nothing takes very nearly no memory; after dealing with other language runtimes, one might be forgiven for thinking that 16 megabytes is a comically small number. This developer, however, remembers in the early days of his career when 16 kilobytes was the epitome of luxury.

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