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Bitly's oauth2-proxy, modified for environment variable configuration
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An oauth2 proxy in a docker container.

Run with the following environment variables:

OAUTH2_PROXY_CLIENT_ID - the oauth client id

OAUTH2_PROXY_CLIENT_SECRET - the secret for the oauth client

OAUTH2_PROXY_COOKIE_SECRET - a secret for the cookie - generate with python -c 'import os,base64; print base64.b64encode(os.urandom(16))

OAUTH2_PROXY_EMAIL_DOMAIN - the email domain used for authentication

OAUTH2_PROXY_HTTP_ADDRESS - : to listen on for HTTP/HTTPS clients

OAUTH2_PROXY_REDIRECT_URL - the OAuth Redirect URL, defaults to "https://" + requested host header + "/oauth2/callback"

OAUTH2_PROXY_UPSTREAM - the http url(s) of the upstream endpoint

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