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Minimal Docker image with Java
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Minimal Docker image with Java

Warning - This image is currently in hiatus, as the base Busybox image cannot run its package manager any more, so I cannot publish any updates. So please use jeanblanchard/java instead, which is based on Alpine Linux, and is almost as small.

Basic Docker image to run Java applications.
This is based off Busybox to keep the size minimal (about 25% of an ubuntu-based image).

Please note that I had to recreate this repository to allow publishing from a continuous integration build. This means that your previous stars, and the download count, have been reset.


  • latest or 8 : Oracle Java 8 (Server JRE)
  • 7 : Oracle Java 7 (Server JRE)
  • jdk8 : Oracle Java 8 (JDK)
  • jdk7 : Oracle Java 7 (JDK)



docker run -it --rm jeanblanchard/busybox-java:8 java -version
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2 years ago

OpenWRT switched from GLIBC to MUSL, which breaks progrium/busybox :(
I'm switching to alpine based container, after installing glibc as described here:

2 years ago

+1 to anapsix's comment. The opkg-install command fails on this image with the error:

wget: server returned error: HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found
2 years ago

please link this image to progrium/busybox
there was update recently and opkg download URL has changed from