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Bare-bones Nix container ( Nix and nothing more.
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A bare-bones container with only the Nix package manager and its dependencies.

For more information about Nix, visit


  • Nix 1.7: jeanfric/nixdock, jeanfric/nixdock:latest, jeanfric/nixdock:1.7

Making yourself comfortable

If you intend to run the images directly, we recommend you start by fetching the package list and installing a few useful packages:

nix-channel --update && nix-env --install bash bash-interactive less gnugrep && exec bash

This will give you a much more comfortable shell to work in.

Since not everybody needs this, we decided to leave it out of the nixdock image.


scratch image with Nix 1.7 unpacked, see

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3 years ago

FYI this now leads us to

nix-env --install bash bash-interactive
error: evaluation aborted with the following error message: `This version of Nixpkgs requires Nix >= 1.8, please upgrade! See'
(use `--show-trace' to show detailed location information)