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Short Description
Database for docker mailserver.
Full Description


Docker Mailserver based on the famous ISPMail guide.
All images are based on Alpine Linux and are so small as possible.


Service Address
POP3 (starttls needed)
IMAP (starttls needed)
SMTP (starttls needed)
Management Interface


Username Password changeme

You can create or edit accounts via the management interface (see above).
Passwords can also be edited via webmail.

Spam filters

By default, spam is filtered by rspamd.

Method Variable
rspamd -
Block attachments by type (bat, com, exe, dll, vbs, docm, doc, dzip) FILTER_MIME


  • Clone this repository at first. The command bin/ is a wrapper for docker-compose.
    It loads the needed configuration files for using the mailserver in production mode.
  • Copy the file .env.dist to .env and change the variables in it to fit your needs.
    They're described in this file later.
  • Run bin/ pull to obtain the images.
  • bin/ up -d creates and starts the containers.

Volume Management (Where are my files?)

Docker manages the data volumes. The first startup creates four volumes, named data-db, -mail, -tls and -filter.
Run docker volume inspect <name> to get their real path in the filesystem.

TLS certificates

The TLS certificate is stored in the data-tls volume. Obtain its path by running docker volume inspect
and replace the autogenerated certificate with a real one.

.env file (Configuration)

Variable Description
MAILNAME Should match your reverse DNS record
POSTMASTER Mail address of the system's administrator
FILTER_MIME Discard mails with suspicious files attached (see above)
ENABLE_IMAP Enable IMAP4 support
ENABLE_POP3 Enable POP3 support
ADMIN_USERS Mail addresses of users that are allowed to use the manager

Override container configuration

Container configurations can be overridden by creating the file docker-compose.override.yml in the root folder.
The startup script will load it automatically.

If you need further assistance, check the docker-compose manual.

Docker Pull Command
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