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Debian Sarge (3.1) from debootstrap
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Much thanks to tianon, whose helped me understand how to do all this

The commands used were:

export rootfs=/var/tmp/rootfs
sudo debootstrap --arch=i386 sarge $rootfs

rm -rf $rootfs/{dev,proc}
mkdir -p $rootfs{dev,proc}

mkdir -p $rootfs/etc
cp /etc/resolv.conf $rootfs/etc/

tar --numeric-owner -caf $rootfs/rootfs.tar.xz -C $rootfs --transform='s,^./,,' .

cat > Dockerfile <<EOF
FROM scratch
ADD rootfs.tar.xz /
CMD ["/bin/bash"]

docker build -t jedahan/palmos $rootfs
docker run jedahan/palmos apt-get install -y pilrc prc-tools prc-tools-doc
docker commit 4da7 jedahan/palmos
docker push jedahan/palmos
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