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A Docker image for uWSGI with PyPy 4.0.1

A minimal Ubuntu 14.04 based docker image with PyPy 4.0.1,, uWSGI and Supervisord.


To build an Ubuntu 14.04.3 based image:

make pypy_uwsgi

To build the flask demo, run:

make flask_example

And finally, to build the bottle demo, run:

make bottle_example

The flask demo app

The example was stolen from the quickstart page in the uWSGI documentation.

Run with:

docker run -it --rm -p 80:80 jeethu/pypy-uwsgi:4.0.1-flask-demo

To test

If you're using docker-machine

curl -X GET -I "http://$(docker-machine ip default)/"


curl -X GET -I http://localhost/

The bottle demo app

The same as the flask demo app, except that you run it thusly.

docker run -it --rm -p 80:80 jeethu/pypy-uwsgi:4.0.1-bottle-demo
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