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Elastalert on Alpine Linux based on ivankrizsan/elastalert
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Elastalert Docker Image

Docker image with Elastalert on Alpine Linux.

Requires a link to a Docker container running Elasticsearch using the "elasticsearchhost" alias.
Assumes the use of port 9200 when communicating with Elasticsearch.<br/>
In order for the time of the container to be synchronized (ntpd), it must be run with the SYS_TIME capability.
In addition you may want to add the SYS_NICE capability, in order for ntpd to be able to modify its priority.


  • /opt/logs - Elastalert and Supervisord logs will be written to this directory.
  • /opt/config - Elastalert (elastalert_config.yaml) and Supervisord (elastalert_supervisord.conf) configuration files.
  • /opt/rules - Contains Elastalert rules.<br/>


  • SET_CONTAINER_TIMEZONE - Set to "true" (without quotes) to set the tiemzone when starting a container. Default is false.
  • CONTAINER_TIMEZONE - Timezone to use in container. Default is Europe/Stockholm.
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