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Lightweight image, for golang, boltdb and mux, with git and alpine operating system.
Full Description

Lightweight image to golang, with git and alpine operating system, specific to run applications made in golang, to integrate your app in any way you want.
Are you ready to accept boltdb to manage our no-sql and mux to manage and abstract our http.

It has the following packages - No-sql native go(golang) - Implements a request router and dispatcher for matching incoming requests - Help define the colors in the terminal


How can we reuse and assemble your golang project with this image

Clone the project

git clone

Mount your favorite dockerfile as the example below

FROM jeffotoni/golang
MAINTAINER Jefferson Otoni Lima
ADD . /go/src/
RUN go install
RUN mkdir -p /go/goupload
WORKDIR /go/goupload
ENTRYPOINT /go/bin/goupload start

Docker Pull Command