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elasticsearch with the river couchdb plugin installed
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Based upon dockerfile/elasticsearch, all the same config options apply.

Getting started

Step 1. Run a couchdb container (I use klaemo/couchdb)

docker run -d --name my_couchdb klaemo/couchdb

Step 2. Run a elasticsearch container

docker run -d --link my_couchdb:couchdb -p 9200:9200 -p 9300:9300 --name my_elastic -v <data-volume>:/data jeko/elasticsearch-river-couchdb:latest

  • linking my_couchdb to couchdb allows to refer to the "couchdb" host in your river configuration requests (see step 3 : "host": "couchdb").
  • see the docker/elasticsearch for details about the /data volume

Step 3. Add data in couchdb.

Let's say we create a database called blah and fill it with data...

Step 4. Create rivers

curl -X PUT '' -d ' { "type" : "couchdb", "couchdb" : { "host" : "couchdb", "port" : 5984, "db" : "blah", "filter" : null }, "index" : { "index" : "testdb", "type" : "testdb", "bulk_size" : "100", "bulk_timeout" : "10ms" } }'

Again, note how we refer to the couchdb host as couchdb. This is because we linked the container together.

Step 5. Check it out

curl http://localhost:9200/testdb/testdb/_search?pretty=true

Step 6. Relax!

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