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FROM java:8-jdk MAINTAINER Andre Tadeu de Carvalho <> ENV JENKINS_SWARM_VERSION 2.0 ENV HOME /home/jenkins-slave # install netstat to allow connection health check with # netstat -tan | grep ESTABLISHED RUN apt-get update && apt-get install -y net-tools && rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists/* RUN useradd -c "Jenkins Slave user" -d $HOME -m jenkins-slave RUN curl --create-dirs -sSLo /usr/share/jenkins/swarm-client-$JENKINS_SWARM_VERSION-jar-with-dependencies.jar$JENKINS_SWARM_VERSION/swarm-client-$JENKINS_SWARM_VERSION-jar-with-dependencies.jar \ && chmod 755 /usr/share/jenkins COPY /usr/local/bin/ USER jenkins-slave VOLUME /home/jenkins-slave ENTRYPOINT ["/usr/local/bin/", "slave:start"]