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GUI service for Jenca Cloud.
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The front end GUI for jenca-cloud


You need an environment with Docker and make installed

NOTE: if you want to run the build locally (i.e. outside of Docker) - you need the latest node.js 5.2.0.

An easy way to do this (on Linux at least) is to use nvm

$ curl -o- | bash
$ nvm install 5.4.0
$ nvm use 5.4.0


First build the images then run make build - the code will be output into /dist (which is .gitignored)

$ make images
$ make build


The makefile will run the tests:

$ make test


This command will serve a dev version of the gui on port 80 of the Vagrant VM:

$ make start

local development

If you want to have file watchers active for automatic rebuild - you need to run the build locally:

$ npm install
$ npm run build
$ npm run watch
$ npm test

state shape

The following is an example of the state tree we pass to redux:

var state = {

    loaded: '{boolean,notnull}',
    loading: '{boolean,notnull}',
    error: '{string}',
    data: '{array}

    loaded: '{boolean,notnull}',
    loading: '{boolean,notnull}',
    error: '{string}',
    data: '{object}
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