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VirtualBox Inside Docker
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VirtualBox Inside Docker

This project should allow any user to successfully install VirtualBox inside a docker container allowing you to intall any OS virtually inside a virtual containers! Sounds cool right?


To use this image, you must install and load the Virtualbox driver on the
host, and mount /dev/vboxdrv to the container.


docker run -v /dev/vboxdrv:/dev/vboxdrv --name=vbox jencryzthers/vboxinsidedocker
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18 days ago

I had success running the following:

docker run -v /dev/vboxdrv:/dev/vboxdrv -p 50022:22 --name=vbox jencryzthers/vboxinsidedocker

This starts the SSH server listening on port 50022 on your machine. You can test this with

$ ssh -p 50022 root@localhost
(password is 'root' per maintainer of the ubuntu-sshd package this Dockerfile is based on -

This should allow you to run cli commands (vboxmanage, etc). If you want to run the X11 app you'll need to pass -X to the ssh command and have some way of displaying X apps locally.

7 months ago

Hello. I have succeslfully installed this docker on my synology NAS. However, I am not sure how to proceed now. How do I install an os?

7 months ago

Would this work with Docker Toolbox on Windows? If so, which file or folder should be shared?

a year ago

I think your example usage should read:
docker run -v /dev/vboxdrv:/dev/vboxdrv --name=vbox jencryzthers/vboxinsidedocker