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The leading open source automation server
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Jenkins Continuous Integration and Delivery server.

This is a fully functional Jenkins server, based on the weekly and LTS releases .

  • To use the latest LTS: docker pull jenkins/jenkins:lts
  • To use the latest weekly: docker pull jenkins/jenkins
  • Lighter alpine based image also available

Read documentation for usage

Docker Pull Command

Comments (14)
15 hours ago

Hey, tried again and now I get 2.73.1. Thanks!

3 days ago

I still get 2.60.3 when I pull LTS.

5 days ago

Thanks, cjdzwicky.

Today, I pulled it again and check its version.
I can get 2.73.1 (lts version) now.

8 days ago

Seems the build tags 2.79 (2.79-alpine) are missing

11 days ago

na0yam, I pulled and see the Dockerfile gets 2.73.1

11 days ago

Downloaded lts tag, but it still shows 'Jenkins ver. 2.60.3' at the bottom even though said the latest LTS is 2.73.

Does anyone get 2.73.1 version of docker with lts tag?

13 days ago

Thanks for fixing the issue.

14 days ago

Looks like most of the non Alpine versions have just been overwritten by Alpine versions. 2.60.3 is now an Alpine version and so is 2.60.3-alpine....?

a month ago

@darmagedon I solved this issue checking "Prevent Cross Site Request Forgery exploits" and then "Default Crumb Issuer" and check "Enable proxy compatibility" on JENKINS_URL/configureSecurity/

a month ago

Whenever i try to install a new plugin or change the security configurations in /configureSecurity on jenkins on server, i get 403 error stating "No valid crumb was included in the request". Its not a problem with proxy as i get the same error without running on 8080 port as well. Although this issue does not persist on the local machine. Any ideas why?