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Jenkins Continuous Integration and Delivery server
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Jenkins Continuous Integration and Delivery server.

This is a fully functional Jenkins server, based on the weekly and LTS releases .

  • To use the latest LTS: docker pull jenkinsci/jenkins:lts
  • To use the latest weekly: docker pull jenkinsci/jenkins

Read documentation for usage

Docker Pull Command

Comments (17)
3 months ago

Dockerfile is here You can update for desired version.

3 months ago

Full Description said it is based on the weekly releases. But after I clicked the documentation link to github, it told me it is based on the Long Term Support release.

4 months ago

Hi, when will be 2.24 available?

6 months ago

@todoa2c: There is on official docker container with 2.7 LTS here:
@eyakcn The official docker container linked above has an alpine variant.

7 months ago

How about releasing 2.7.1 LTS Docker image?

7 months ago

why not build based on alpine

7 months ago

the following warn, please address this issue, thanks a lot!
WARNING: Found invalid crumb feae142df87a3e7923f6afb62c00e09d. Will check remaining parameters for a valid one...
Jul 06, 2016 3:26:32 AM doFilter
WARNING: No valid crumb was included in request for /ajaxBuildQueue. Returning 403.

8 months ago

Ah! Very good. Thank you.

8 months ago

@frankierr It's the same one. What they do is run to build the Weekly image.

If you supply supply JENKINS_VERSION and JENKINS_SHA, either as a env var or argument, that version of Jenkins will be used. See the lines around here:

The commands to get the latest of those are here:

8 months ago

@frekele: That's the Dockerfile for Jenkins 1/stable. This repository is for Jenkins 2/weekly.