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A collection of commonly used sensors: urdf files and a few tools

This package includes a variety of sensor models imported from different ROS packages available throughout the web.
I picked the best / most suitable models and copied them to this package, so they are all available in one location.
Several changes to the individual models were made, e.g. to share certain common properties, add new properties, gazebo
tags, model refinements and adding extended models (e.g. a stand for the Xtion).


This package has the aim of grouping several simple sensor models such that they can be used in the other packages without
the need to introduce a large set of ROS package dependencies just because of the URDF models of the sensors.
Further, most of the urdf models have been improved, but are still based on the originals referenced in the list above.


Install mandatory dependencies

sudo apt-get install \
    ros-<distro>-laser-filters \

Install common-sensors

Add the git repository to your catkin workspace:

cd <your-catkin-ws>/src
git clone

Hint: Alternatively to cloning the repositry directly into the catkin source folder, you
may also clone the repositories elsewhere and then create a softlink to the main folders
in your catkin source directory:
ln -s <path to common-sensors>


To compile, you can now use catkin_make as usual:

cd ..

Test a sample robot

There are some sample robots with just the sensor in it in the director

For example, for Kinect v2:

roslaunch gazebo_ros empty_world.launch
rosrun gazebo_ros spawn_model -file \
  `rospack find common_sensors`/urdf/sample_robots/kinectv2.urdf -urdf -model kinect2
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