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Gogs is a a self-hosted Git service written in Go.
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Gogs for Docker

(c) 2015 Jens Erat

Redistribution and modifications are welcome, see the LICENSE file for details.

Gogs is a a self-hosted Git service written in Go.

This Dockerfile provides a Gogs image.


Data is stored in several locations, which are also defined as volumes:

  • /opt/gogs/data: various uploaded files (avaters, attachments, ...)
  • /opt/gogs/custom: custom configuration
  • /srv (git user homedirectory): repositories, authorized keys
  • /etc/ssh: sshd configuration and host keys

Two ports are exposed, 22 for SSH and 3000 for HTTP. Both can be redirected when publishing them, edit the configuration file appropriately to adjust URIs.


When Gogs is started first, the installation wizard prefills the most important configuration options and generates the database. For further configuration, edit /opt/gogs/custom/config.ini. Refer to the official Gogs documentation for details.


Gogs supports different database systems, PostgreSQL, MySQL/Maria DB and SQLite. The image brings all required database drivers.

Gogs performs all database maintenance on its own, no manual interaction should be required for ugprades.

Running a Container

The most basic run command would be:

docker run -d \
    --name gogs \
    --restart always \
    --publish 22:22 \
    --publish 3000:3000 \
    --link gogs-postgresql:db \
    --volume /srv/gogs/data:/opt/gogs/data \
    --volume /srv/gogs/ssh:/etc/ssh \
    --volume /srv/gogs/custom:/opt/gogs/custom \
    --volume /srv/gogs/home:/srv \

You will very likely be required to use another SSH port (or host ip address) and want to change the HTTP port (or link a web proxy server).

Upgrading and Maintenance

Gogs will automatically upgrade the database. For other maintenance tasks during upgrades, refer to the Gogs documentation.

To enter the container and perform maintenance, use (given you named the container gogs):

docker exec -ti gogs /bin/bash
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