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This image contains jQAssistant with some additional plugins.
Full Description

This is jQAssistant 1.3.0 Distribution with Kontext E Plugin Suite 1.3.3 in a Docker image.

In general it works like the jQAssistant command line distribution.


There is one VOLUME ["/project"]

Installed Plugins

There are the standard jQAssistant plugins plus the Kontext E plugin suite version 1.3.3 (containing asciidoc, checkstyle, findbugs, git, jacoco, javaparser, linecount, plaintext, plantuml, pmd) available.


Just list available scopes

docker run jensnerche/jqassistant  available-scopes

Import only project's Git meta data

docker run -v /home/user/src/some_project:/project jensnerche/jqassistant scan -f .git

DukeCon Server from commit 5556360:

docker run -v /home/user/src/dukecon_server:/project jensnerche/jqassistant scan -f java:classpath::api/target/classes java:classpath::api/target/test-classes java:classpath::impl/target/classes java:classpath::impl/target/test-classes .git src/docs/asciidoc

That like a typical multi-module Maven project. Scanned stuff:

  • compiled classes (you always need to add "java:classpath::" scope for classes)
  • Git meta data
  • Architecture documentation, containing Asciidoc description and PlantUML diagram

Run the server to explore the scanned data

docker run -it -v /home/user/src/dukecon_server:/project -p 7474:7474 jensnerche/jqassistant server -serverAddress

Note that unlike in the jQAssistant commandline distribution you have to make the server bind to all addresses, otherwise the port forwarding would not work.

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