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Container for OpenShift Origin Performance Demos
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OpenShift, Kubernetes and Docker Performance Research

DevConf 2016 VM

  • Download OVA file (or copy from USB disk)
  • Install VirtualBox and kernel-devel RPM that matches your running kernel
  • systemctl restart system-modules-load or Reboot to load kernel modules
  • Start VirtualBox
    Go to File -> Import Appliance -> Select the OVA file Click the checkbox to reset the MAC address
    Click Import Start the VM
    Username: devconf2016 Password: devconf2016 User devconf2016 has sudo access

The next few steps should be baked in to the VM image, but for posterity here's what is included:

sudo su -
setenforce 0
cd $HOME
git clone
tar xf
sudo ln -s ~/openshift-origin-server-v1.1.1.1-940be51-linux-64bit/openshift /usr/bin
sudo ln -s ~/openshift-origin-server-v1.1.1.1-940be51-linux-64bit/oc /usr/bin
cd openshift-origin-server-v1.1.1.1-940be51-linux-64bit
sudo openshift start master
sudo openshift start node --kubeconfig ~/openshift-origin-server-v1.1.1.1-940be51-linux-64bit/openshift.local.config/master/openshift-master.kubeconfig
cp openshift-origin-server-v1.1.1.1-940be51-linux-64bit/openshift.local.config/master/admin.kubeconfig ~/.kube/config
sudo docker pull openshift/origin-pod
sudo docker pull openshift/origin-deployer
sudo docker pull openshift/origin-docker-builder
sudo docker pull openshift/origin-docker-registry

Verify OpenShift is up and running:

openshift version
oc get nodes

Create a test pod:

oc create -f ~/openshift-performance/svt/content/pod-default.json
oc get pods

In this repo there is a dockerfile for an openshift-performance container. You can docker build this, or:
docker pull jeremyeder/openshift-performance

The openshift-performance container is:

  • CentOS 7
  • OpenShift Origin
  • Pbench
  • A copy of this repo
  • A LABEL that starts it as a super privileged container [1]
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