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A study of popular computing technologies, that uses Ruby on Rails for glue.

try it

  • Build the Dockerfile, and run the resulting image with:

    docker run --rm -it -p 3000:3000 TAG-OR-IMAGE-ID

    This took 6m29s on an AWS EC2 t2.micro instance, SSD (EBS, no provisioned IOPS).

  • Or, pull the Docker image from Docker Hub.

    docker pull jerng/superails

lately involving

  • Docker
  • jRuby
  • Ruby on Rails
  • PostgreSQL
  • TorqueBox 4, alpha1

work has stopped at


In no particular order:

  • add WebSockets
  • add drag-and-drop database modelling and generation
  • add Bootstrap, SASS, and LaTeX
  • add proper RBAC - both roles and assets in the DB (reconsider?)
  • add instant messaging (Faye?)
  • add content editor of WordPress standard (CKE with S3-backed media?)
  • add URL slugging system
  • add caching control panel
  • add RaphaelJS, VelocityJS, jQuery
  • add some sort of three-way JS binding (Angular? Ember + FastBoot?)
  • add Elastisearch
  • add Neo4J or other graph-store
  • add connector to Julia / Erlang / Haskell / etc.
  • add specifications which aid the reimplementation of the glue code of this project, in any other language stack
  • add one of those admin-panel gems (which may ultimately be written)
  • add some sort of Hadoop processing example (Kafka, Storm/Spark, etc.? AWS, GCP, or Azure equivalents?)
  • add some sort of natural language processing toolkit
  • add some sort of workflow modelling and automation toolkit
  • add some sort of CUDA toolkit
  • add some sort of dynamic tables control panel
  • add internationalisation
  • add route translation such that less coding is required in config/routes
  • add continuous delivery methodologies (BDD? CI Server with process manual? Gitflow?)
  • add collaborative document editing
  • more...


Slightly off kilter - but since I finally have time to write code for fun, I'll probably spend some nights working on this. Motivation - frankly, Rails is great in the way Java is great, but I want it to be a bit more like WordPress. 2015-Apr-15

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