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Dockerfile to build the latest OpenCV(with python2, python3 and Java bindings support).

It is a faily big image(over 2.8GB in size at the moment), what it contains:

  • A complete set of building tools needed to build OpenCV from source.
  • OpenJDK7, Python2(2.7.4)and Python3(3.4).
  • OpenCV bindings with all of the compoenents above.
  • Full copy of OpenCV source code, on "/opt/opencv-build".

I am building this in order to ease the setup of my learning of OpenCV with different
languages, on different machines.

Since OpenCV is a very fast moving project and its Python3 support is relatively new,
building all from source codes is a natural choice for me here, instead of using old
pre-build binaries.

If you do want to try out with this image, you can type this(the image downloading could take a while :-( ):

$docker run jerrytian/docker_ubuntu_14.04-opencv-git-latest python3.4 -c "import cv2; print(cv2.__version__);"

Enjoy ;-)

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