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Icinga2 and Icinga2 web on CentOS 7.4 docker image

Build Version: 5

Date of Build: 15th February 2018

This docker image creates a latest CentOS docker container runinng Apache2, MariaBD, and Icinga2 with Icinga Web 2. You should supply an environment variable 'TZ' when the container is first run to set the correct timezone in /etc/php.ini - otherwise a default timezone of UTC is used:

docker run -d --cap-add net_raw --cap-add net_admin -e TZ="Europe/London" -p 80:80 -p 443:443 -p 9001:9001 jervine/docker-centos-icinga2

The container requires some extra (non-default) capabilities added. These are added so that the icinga user can use the ping command which is used to check that hosts are up. The port 9001 is used for the supervisor daemon. This can be disabled if needs be. The Dockerfile removes and re-adds the iputils package. Again, this is to ensure that the icinga user can use ping correctly.

The script checks for the existence of /config/.setup to determine whether to run through the setup process each time the container is run. If /config is not mapped to a local directory then /config/.setup will be absent every time the container is ran (it will be present if the container is simply stopped and started though).

When first spun up, the web interface can be configured via http://\<docker host\>/icinga2web/setup - you will need the token that was created during initialisation, and this can be found by looking at the container logs:

docker logs <container name> | grep token
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