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Container running DokuWiki on the Pi with nice URLs and xsendfile enabled
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A version of image "mprasil/dokuwiki" to run a Dokuwiki docker container on the Raspberry Pi.

The following instructions were copied from the mprasil/dokuwiki image (Thanks to mprasil for doing the hard work getting the dokuwiki container running on the ubuntu/x86)

To run image

"docker run -d -p 80:80 --name my_wiki jesnor/rpi-dokuwiki"

You can now visit the install page to configure your new DokuWiki wiki. For example, if you are running container locally, you can acces the page in a browser by going to

To update the image do the following:

First stop your container

"docker stop my_wiki"

Then run new container just to hold the volumes

"docker run --volumes-from my_wiki --name my_wiki_data sdhibit/rpi-raspbian true"

Now you can remove old container

"docker rm my_wiki"

..and run a new one (you built, pulled before)

"docker run -d -p 80:80 --name my_wiki --volumes-from my_wiki_data jesnor/rpi-dokuwiki"

afterwards you can remove data container if you want

"docker rm my_wiki_data"

(or keep it for next update, takes no space anyway..)

Optimizing your wiki

Lighttpd configuration also includes rewrites, so you can enable nice URLs in settings (Advanced -> Nice URLs, set to ".htaccess")

For better performance enable xsendfile in settings.
Set to proprietary lighttpd header (for lighttpd < 1.5)

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