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###To configure autossh
Edit the script

docker run -i -t jessefugitt/docker-autossh /bin/bash

Modify the reverse tunnel and connection lines:

 -R *:1234:localhost:8080 \
 root@docker-sshd-ip-address -p 2222

where the syntax is (no command with -N and reverse tunnel with -R) and *:docker-sshd-host-port:local-ip-address:local-port root@docker-sshd-ip-address -p 2222

docker ps (to find container id)
docker commit fb98e3c79a29 your_namespace/configured-docker-autossh

(you need to use another shell to commit the changes to your new image or ctrl-p, ctrl-q)

###To run
First, start the running ssh server daemon (see jessefugitt/docker-sshd).
Then, run docker-autossh.

docker run -d jessefugitt/configured-docker-autossh /
docker run -d jessefugitt/docker-autossh

###To modify docker-autossh

git clone
edit Dockerfile and (and id_rsa)
docker build -t jessefugitt/docker-autossh .

###To generate keys

ssh-keygen -t rsa -C ""
cp ~/.ssh/id_rsa id_rsa
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