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Hubot script that interfaces with the Hewlett Packard Enterprise OneView RESTful API and SCMB
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Steps to Run hpe-oneview-hubot:

1) Create config file

Create a file called "oneview-configuration.json" like this, but with the appropriate applianceIP, userName, and password:

  "applianceIp": "",
  "userName": "administrator",
  "password": "password",

  "apiVersion": 300,
  "notificationsFilters": [{"severity": "Critical"}],
  "pollingInterval": 30,
  "readOnly": true,
  "notificationsRoom": "clean-room",
  "doProxy": false,
  "proxyHost": "",
  "proxyPort": 0

2) Docker Run

A basic docker run:

docker run -it --rm -e HUBOT_NAME=oneview -v $(pwd)/oneview-configuration.json:/home/docker/hpe-oneview-hubot/oneview-configuration.json

Advanced Docker Run (Including PROXY): For more advanced options, set the appropriate variables and run like this:

docker run -it --rm -e "PARMS=$*" -e http_proxy=$http_proxy -e https_proxy=$https_proxy -e HUBOT_HIPCHAT_JID=$HUBOT_HIPCHAT_JID -e HUBOT_HIPCHAT_PASSWORD=$HUBOT_HIPCHAT_PASSWORD -e HUBOT_HIPCHAT_ROOMS=$HUBOT_HIPCHAT_ROOMS -e HUBOT_HIPCHAT_XMPP_DOMAIN=$HUBOT_HIPCHAT_XMPP_DOMAIN -e HUBOT_NAME=$HUBOT_NAME -e "HUBOT_SLACK_TOKEN=$HUBOT_SLACK_TOKEN" -e "no_proxy=$no_proxy" -v $(pwd)/oneview-configuration.json:/home/docker/hpe-oneview-hubot/oneview-configuration.json

Full source code and documentation (in GitHub):

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