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Cloud9 IDE with mean.js and ..
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Cloud9 IDE with MEAN.JS

Cloud 9

This repository contains Dockerfile Cloud9 and MEAN.JS.
The Cloud9 IDE with some useful features for convenience and secure development environment for Docker's automated build published to the public Docker Hub Registry.
MEAN.JS is a full-stack JavaScript open-source solution, which provides a solid starting point for MongoDB, Node.js, Express, and AngularJS based applications. The idea is to solve the common issues with connecting those frameworks, build a robust framework to support daily development needs, and help developers use better practices while working with popular JavaScript components.

Before You Begin

Before you begin we recommend you read about the basic building blocks that assemble a MEAN.JS application:


  • Auto protect the IDE with user defined (or default) password.
  • SSH access to the container using user defined(or generated) password and or user defined SSH key.
  • Custom container workspace directory (make it easier to link with VOLUME_FROM other container, not just host directory mapping).
  • Optimized build process (please suggest if any idea to make it better)

Base Docker Image



Install Docker.

Download automated build from public Docker Hub Registry:

docker pull jessewei/c9-meanjs

alternatively, you can build an image from Dockerfile:

docker build -t="$USER/c9-meanjs"

Basic Usage

docker run  --name c9 -it -d -p 8181:8181 -p 2222:22 jessewei/c9-meanjs

It will take care all the defaults to:

  • Cloud9 Basic http auth User root , with DEFAULT password: secret
  • See Auto generated SSH password for root at log,
    docker logs <continer instance name>
  • Workspace directory at /cloud9/workspace

You can add a workspace as a volume directory with the argument -v /your-path/workspace/:cloud9/workspace like this :

docker run --name c9 -it -d -p 8181:8181 -v /c/Users/yourName/workspace/:/cloud9/workspace jessewei/c9-meanjs

Advance Usage

Get the latest version from github

git clone
cd cloud9-ide/

Run with docker compose:

docker-compose up -d

Example docker-compose.yml:

  build: .
    - ROOT_PASS=thesecrets
    - C9_WORKSPACE=/data/workspace
    - data
    - 8181:8181
    - 22
    - /data/workspace

It will set the parameters to:

  • Cloud9 Basic hhtp Auth User root , with password: thesecrets
  • SSH root password : thesecrets
  • Workspace directory at /data/workspace linked to VOLUME_FROM data container

Set SSH Key

See tutum/ubuntu README

Happy Coding !!

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