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IntelliJ with gosu and X11-forwarding
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IntelliJ Docker image with gosu and X11-forwarding.

This image is based on psharkey/intellij's.
However, it also configures container's user to mimic host's using gosu
for handling permissions with docker volumes.

This image is conceived to work with two host volumes:

  • $HOME (mapped into container $HOME) with the IntelliJ configuration, and
  • $PWD (mapped into /media/workspace) with the projects to be open by IntelliJ.

Source repository hosted in github.

There are two convenient ways to run this image with X11-forwarded SSH.

  • (a) Run the intellij script
  • (b) Define the following alias in your environment:
alias intellij='chmod o+rw $HOME/.Xauthority; \
docker run -it \
   --rm \
   --net=host \
   --env=DISPLAY \
   --env=TZ=Spain/Madrid `# just an example timezone` \
   --volume=$HOME:$HOME:rw \
   --volume=$PWD:/media/host:rw \
   --workdir=/media/host \
   --env USER \
   --env USER_ID=`id --user` \
   --env GROUPS=$(groups | xargs getent group | cut -d: -f1,3 | tr '\n' ',' | sed 's|,$||') \
   --name=intellij.$USER \
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