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Docker image of ros-hydro-base using Ubuntu Raring(tutum/raring) as the base OS. Dockerfile based on the Hydro Installation docs at:
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This is a minimalist distro, just the ros-hydro-base metapackage. No two robots or robotics applications are alike and hardware and drivers differ from 'bot to 'bot, so it seemed like having a nice base image with an empty catkin workspace would be the best approach.
This way you can add in whatever you want/need and not have to unload a whole bunch of crap that you don't .

This is an update of the image I posted a few months back. The major difference here is that this is based off a Dockerfile and was not just hand-built. Comes with an "ubuntu" user, ROS env set and an empty, initialized catkin workspace.

Comments/corrections/suggestions are all welcome.


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