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Provides the scuff-em binaries (
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scuff-em is a free, open-source software implementation of the boundary-element method (BEM) (or the "method of moments") of electromagnetic scattering. For more details, see

This image provides a convenient interface to all the binaries provided by scuff, available as "subcommands" when running the image. If you run docker run jfeist/scuff-em, it will list the available subcommands (corresponding to all executables with names scuff-${subcommand}). For example, to run a scuff-scatter calculation within the container, you can simply do

docker run -i -v ${PWD}:/mnt jfeist/scuff-em scatter < args

Here, -i ensures that standard input is routed to scuff-scatter running in the container, and -v ${PWD}:/mnt mounts the current directory (on the host) as /mnt in the container (which is setup as the default directory in which scuff runs). Like this, scuff-em thus behaves as if it was run on the host machine in the current directory.

Note that on OS X and Windows, where docker actually runs inside a virtual machine, this involves two mounting steps in the background: The host directory has to be mounted inside the machine (this is done by default for the user directories when using docker-machine), and the -v command then tells docker to mount the directory in the virtual machine (the docker host) to the docker container. So if you need access to a directory outside the users directory, you have to manually mount it in the virtualbox machine that runs the docker host (see for more details).

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