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Docker image for projects that need Glassfish 2.1.1
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Docker Glassfish 2.1.1

Docker image for projects that rely on Glassfish 2.1.1. Why such an old version? Well, don't ask me - I just need it. :unamused:

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First, finding this version was already hard! The oldest release on the official repo is 3.0. Thanks to @d10xa and his repo I was able to find a download link. Second, due to some JDK version problems, I had to manually install a specific JDK version (6u31) from Oracle's binary.

The good news is that since Glassfish comes with an old Apache Ant version, we avoid installing a newer version of Ant that would require Java 7 or 8. Moreover, we avoid any possible compatability problems with legacy code.

Binaries for JDK and Glassfish are downloaded from 3rd-party websites. This includes an external FTP that has the correct JDK version that Glassfish 2.1.1 needs. Even though its MD5-checked, if you prefer, download the binaries from Oracle's website (registration needed) and modify the Dockerfile accordingly.

There's two key environment variables set up:

  • $GLASSFISH_HOME points to the Glassfish install directory
  • $GLASSFISH_CLASSPATH points to all the Java libs that Glassfish comes with. You can use it to run your applications like so: java -cp $GLASSFISH_CLASSPATH:app.jar

As usual in Glassfish you can visit its homepage at localhost:8080 or localhost:8181. You also have its admin panel at localhost:4848 with username admin and password adminadmin. Other ports are also exposed in case you need them.


If you are not familiar with Docker, or just forget the commands all the time like me, here is a resumé:

# run linking to the admin panel and main page
docker run --rm -p 4848:4848 -p 8080:800 -ti jfloff/glassfish-2.1.1:latest

# Use as base in another Dockerfile
FROM jfloff/glassfish-2.1.1:6

# build from this repo's Dockerfile
docker build --rm -t jfloff/glassfish-2.1.1:dev .


Feel free to contribute to this repo in any way you find fit.


The code in this repository, unless otherwise noted, is MIT licensed. See the LICENSE file in this repository.

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