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Rex Docker Images
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These are the official Rex Docker images.

With these images you can just run rex on your system without the need of installing it directly onto your system.

You just need to pull the image and add 2 functions to your .bashrc.

Pull the image:

sudo docker pull jfried/rex

Docker Pull Command

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3 years ago

To use rex and rexify command just write the following lines into your .bashrc file.

rex () {
        sudo docker run -v `pwd`:/work jfried/rex:0.51.2 rex $*

rexify () {
        sudo docker run -v `pwd`:/work jfried/rex:0.51.2 rexify $*

This will mount your current working directory into the docker image /work directory and executes rex or rexify inside this directory.

So you can just use rex and rexify like if it is installed.