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Docker base image for plone 5.0

To be able to create our plone buildout fast and often, we base our other images on this one.

Plone buildout is based on plone test buildout version 5.0 (

Quick start

Start the instance:

docker run -p 8080:8080 jfroche/plone:5.0

Access the instance on http://localhost:8080 using login admin / password admin.

To start the instance using volume

mkdir filestorage
mkdir blobstorage
docker run -p 8080:8080 -v $PWD/filestorage:/code/var/filestorage -v $PWD/blobstorage:/code/var/blobstorage jfroche/plone:5.0

How to reuse this image

You can reuse this image like this in your Dockerfile in your own buildout directory.

FROM jfroche/plone:5.0
COPY . /code/
USER root
RUN chown -R plone .
USER plone
RUN bin/buildout -Nv

Buildout is installed in /code

This will push your code in the container (with correct permissions) and start a buildout
based on the buildout created in our image (cf and you will avoid downloading all plone packages.

To simplify even more your Dockerfile check the 5.0-onbuild branch ( or image (FROM jfroche/plone:5.0-onbuild)
which use ONBUILD instructions (

This image is not meant for production. We are building other images based on Relstorage for that.

We speed up local build of this image using:
You might want to look at it for local build of your image (or use your own pypi mirror).

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