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Drupal image without database (fork from samos123/docker-tutum-drupal will use it as base)

This image contains latest stable Drupal release of 7.x
and is build from tutum-php it will automatically setup
the database on a linked container
and install a default site for you.

The image doesn't contain a database so you have to create
a seperate database container and link this container
or pass the correct environment variables containing
the database information.

Source code:
Registry url:

Why create another Drupal image?

Many of the other Drupal images got a database baked in or
didn't install Drupal automatically and didn't offer much flexibity.
This image can be easily
be used as base image for your own Drupal images see below Customization by using Dockerfiles.

This image uses drush to install a default site and create the database
on the linked db container so that
you only have to specify custom modules and custom themes
and you are ready to go.


If you want to launch a bare drupal image you can do so:

docker run -d -e MYSQL_PASS="test123" --name db tutum/mysql:5.5
docker run -d --link db:db -p 80:80 samos123/drupal

This will launch a new drupal site with a default theme and no additional modules.
If you want custom modules I recommend using the approach listed below.

Customiziation by using Dockerfiles (Recommended)

See the folder examples of how to use the Zen template and google-analytics and
build an image containing them.

See Example Drupal customized with Zen theme and Google Analytics module


Author of image: Sam Stoelinga

This image is based on tutum-php and tutum-wordpress-nosql made by Tutum.

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