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An image running ubuntu/16.10 Linux and Spotweb
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Docker Spotweb image

An image running ubuntu/18.04 Linux and Spotweb.


You need a seperate MySQL / MariaDB server. This can of course be a (linked) docker container but also a dedicated database server.


Initial Installation

First create a database on your database server, and make sure the container has access to the database, then run a temporary container.

docker run -it --rm -p 80:80 \
    -e TZ='Europe/Amsterdam' \

Please NOTE that there is no database configuration here, this will enable the install process.

The run the Spotweb installer using the web interface: 'http://yourhost/install.php'.
This will create the necessary database tables and users. Ignore the warning when it tries to save the configuration.

When you are done, exit the container (CTRL/CMD-c) and configure the permanent running container.

Permanent installation

docker run --restart=always -d -p 80:80 \
    --hostname=spotweb \
    --name=spotweb \
    -v <hostdir_where_config_will_persistently_be_stored>:/config \
    -e TZ='Europe/Amsterdam' \
    -e SPOTWEB_DB_TYPE=pdo_mysql \
    -e SPOTWEB_DB_HOST=<database_server_hostname> \
    -e SPOTWEB_DB_NAME=spotweb \
    -e SPOTWEB_DB_USER=spotweb \
    -e SPOTWEB_DB_PASS=spotweb \

Please NOTE that the volume is optional. Only necessary when you have special configuration settings.

You should now be able to reach the spotweb interface on port 80.

Automatic retrieval of new spots

To enable automatic retrieval, you need to setup a cronjob on either the docker host or within the container.

Automatic retrieval of new spots on the docker host

To enable automatic retrieval, you need to setup a cronjob on the docker host.

*/15 * * * * docker exec spotweb su -l www-data -s /usr/bin/php /var/www/spotweb/retrieve.php >/dev/null 2>&1

This example will retrieve new spots every 15 minutes.

Automatic retrieval of new spots from within the container

To enable automatic retrieval from within the container, use the SPOTWEB_CRON_RETRIEVE variable to specify the cron timing for retrieval. For example as additional parameter to the docker run command:

-e SPOTWEB_CRON_RETRIEVE='*/15 * * * *'


The container will try to auto-update the database when a newer version is released.

Environment variables

Variable Function
TZ The timezone the server is running in. Defaults to Europe/Amsterdam.
SPOTWEB_DB_TYPE Database type. Use pdo_mysql for MySQL.
SPOTWEB_DB_HOST The hostname / IP of the database server.
SPOTWEB_DB_NAME The database used for spotweb.
SPOTWEB_DB_USER The database server username.
SPOTWEB_DB_PASS The database server password.
SPOTWEB_CRON_RETRIEVE Cron schedule for article retrieval. E.g. '*/15 * * * *' for every fifteen minutes.
SPOTWEB_CRON_CACHE_CHECK Cron schedule for article cache sanity check. E.g. '10 */1 * * *' for 10 minutes after every hour.



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