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Dockerized version of Kenneth L. Harrenstien's PDP-10 emulator.
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This image provides the binaries to emulate a PDP-10 class, KL-10 machine. The original software was written by Kenneth L. Harrenstien and can be found at:

This version is based on the David Griffith work, which can be found at:

This build has no support for the USB blinkenlights, and has been compiled to avoid the synchronization problems found when klh10 is compiled with the default options on a modern architecture.

To use it, please mount a local directory under the volume /klh10-data, where you should have your disk images and configuration files. Create the container with the following command:

docker run -it --name <whatever> -v $(pwd):/klh10-data --privileged jguillaumes/klh10-kl

It must be run privileged because it modifies the network setup. The container will put you in a bash command line. You must copy the binaries to the mounted directory:

cp /klh10-bin/* .

Then you can start the emulator and begin to have fun. Remember to adjust the configuration file to your network configuration.

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