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YoPass is a web app for sharing secrets in a quick and secure manner
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Yopass - Share Secrets Securely

Yopass is a project for sharing secrets in a quick and secure manner*.
The sole purpose of Yopass is to minimize the amount of passwords floating around in ticket management systems, IRC logs and emails. The message is encrypted/decrypted locally in the browser and then sent to yopass without the decryption key which is only visible once to the user during encryption, yopass then returns a one-time URL with specified expiry date.

There is no perfect way of sharing secrets online and there is a trade off in every implementation. Yopass is designed to be as simple and "dumb" as possible without compromising on security. There's no mapping between the generated UUID and the user that submitted the encrypted message. It's always best send all the context except password over another channel.

Yopass is rewritten from ruby to go. The old version still exist on rubygems or in tag 3.0.7

Available here

  • AES-256 encryption
  • Secrets can only be viewed once
  • No secrets are written to disk
  • No accounts or user management required
  • Secrets self destruct after X hours

Installation / Configuration

It's highly recommended to run TLS encryption using nginx/apache or yopass builtin TLS server.


docker run --name memcached_yopass -d memcached

TLS encryption

docker run -p 1337:1337 -v /local/certs/:/certs -e TLS_CERT=/certs/tls.crt \
    -e TLS_KEY=/certs/tls.key -e 'MEMCACHED=memcache:11211' --link memcached_yopass:memcache -d jhaals/yopass

Plain(make sure this is restricted to localhost)

docker run -p 1337:1337 -e 'MEMCACHED=memcache:11211' --link memcached_yopass:memcache -d jhaals/yopass
Install locally
go get
MEMCACHED=memcache:11211 go run yopass.go


All endpoints expect JSON

Create secret - POST /secret

secret   - aes-256-cbc (openssl formatted)
expiration - 3600, 86400, 604800

Returns 200
  key: "ecfe32c7-266f-11e5-ad90-34363bcbad30",
  message: "secret stored"

Get secret - GET /secret/{key}

  secret: "=AKJF7\sKJFVUA==",
  message: "OK"

Secret status - HEAD /secret/{key}

Returns 200 if {key} exists otherwise 404


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