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jhamit/maven + git and Broadleaf Commerce source
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This is the base docker image with Oracle's Java 7 (jhamit/oracle-java-7), Maven (jhamit/maven), git and Broadleaf Commerce source code.

To start up the Broadleaf DemoSite and Admin Panel, run the following:

docker pull jhamit/blc-demo
docker run -d -p 8080 -p 8444 jhamit/blc-demo ./root/

To find out the container id and forwarded ports on the host, run:

docker ps

It should ouput something similar to below:

ID                  IMAGE                    COMMAND                CREATED             STATUS              PORTS
cdaf9efeb8c7        jhamit/blc-demo:latest   ./root/   18 seconds ago      Up 18 seconds       49165->8080, 49166->8884 

To watch the server logs as they startup, run the following:

docker attach <container ID>

After the server has startup, view the following urls to see the Broadleaf Commerce Demo Site and Admin Panel respectively. The username/password for the Admin Panel is admin/admin:

http://localhost:<port 1>

As described in my presentations, run docker history to see an example of an image built up by a layering and forking workflow.

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