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a combo handler for js, css
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docker run -v /opt/staticyui:/opt/staticyui -d -p 8998:8093 --name vertxcombo jianglibo/vertxcombo /opt/

parameter explained:

you can add 2 env parameters to cutomize run. -e "appversion=0.0.2" -e "appconfig=http://any.url.reachable/vertxcomboconf.json"

  1. appversion: vertx module version, goto maven repo site,search for vertxcombo
  2. appconfig: if you want use your own conf.json file,just put it at reachable url, will download it before start vertx.

how to add files to server?

you can docker run into bash, add file to /opt/staticyui,then commit it. run command above,change image name to your new commited image.

or you can use -v parameter.

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