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VM appliance through Docker
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Build and distribute VM appliance through docker

Convert docker image into VM image

pull image and create container using same image

docker pull jigneshvasoya/vm:ubuntu-server-16.04
docker run -it jigneshvasoya/vm:ubuntu-server-16.04 /bin/bash

above command will start container, get its container id <id>

export container image to convert the image into VM image

docker export <id> > /tmp/vm-iamge.tar
fallocate kvm-vm-image.img -l8G
mkfs.ext4 kvm-vm-image.img
mount kvm-vm-image.img /tmp/mnt
tar xf kvm-vm-image.img -C /tmp/mnt
cp /tmp/mnt/vmlinuz /tmp/vmlinuz
cp /tmp/mnt/initrd.img /tmp/initrd.img
umount /tmp/mnt

create new VM using virt-manager and attach kvm-vm-image.img to the VM
use direct kernl booting using kernle and initrd copied in previoys step (/tmp/vmlinuz, /tmp/initrd.img)
kernel arguments: "root=<disk-device-name> ro quiet fastboot"

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