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etcdkeeper v3

  • Lightweight etcd web client.
  • Support etcd 3.x.
  • Server using the grpc interface, the server needs to compile the package etcd clientv3.
  • Based easyui framework to achieve(easyui license easyui website).


  • Run httpserver3.exe
  • If linux or darwin,Please compile it in its environment.
    Usage of httpserver3.exe:  
    -h string  
          host name or ip address (default "", your machine addreess, not etcd address)
    -p int
          port (default 8080)
  • Open your browser and enter the address.
  • Right click on the tree node to add or delete.
  • Etcd address can be modified by default to the localhost. If you change, press the Enter key to take effect.


  • Etcd v3 client view. Add, update or delete nodes.
  • Content edits use the ace editor(Ace editor). Support toml,ini,yaml,json,xml and so on to highlight view.

Special Note

Because the etcdv3 version uses the new storage concept, without the catalog concept, the client uses the previous default "/" delimiter to view. See the documentation for etcdv3 clientv3 doc.




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