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Docker image for leanote
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Leanote Docker Image

All data is in /leanote/data volume. We can mount local data folder for this volume.
More details from this wiki

Supported tags and respective Dockerfile links

About full-featured images

The latest and full-featured image contain wkhtmltopdf for export pdf.

How to use this image

1. Initial mongo data

Click here

2. Update mongo config in app.conf

Download app.conf from Here

Then update mongo section:

# mongdb
db.dbname=leanote # required
db.username= # if not exists, please leave it blank
db.password= # if not exists, please leave it blank
# or you can set the mongodb url for more complex needs the format is:
# mongodb://myuser:mypass@localhost:40001,otherhost:40001/mydb
# db.url=mongodb://root:root123@localhost:27017/leanote
# db.urlEnv=${MONGODB_URL} # set url from env. eg. mongodb://root:root123@localhost:27017/leanote

3. Create data folder

mkdir -p leanote-data/{files,mongodb_backup,public/upload}

4. Edit docker-compose.yml

version: '2'
    image: jim3ma/leanote:full-featured-2.4
    network_mode: "host"
      - ./leanote-data:/leanote/data
      - ./app.conf:/leanote/conf/app.conf
    restart: always

5. docker-compose up -d

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