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FROM dockerfile/ubuntu-desktop MAINTAINER Jim White <> # Need this for vncserver ENV USER root ENV HOME /root ENV DISPLAY :1 EXPOSE 5901 WORKDIR /root COPY userfiles /root # Install Lynx so there is a way to get web content for dl and copy&paste. # We won't be training the models so we don't need libLBFGS. RUN apt update && \ apt-get -y install lynx firefox \ python-setuptools python-dev python-tk \ swig flex libboost-dev && \ easy_install pip && \ pip install -U numpy && \ pip install -U nltk # Not using the version in PIP because of NLTK API change. # pip install -U bllipparser # To clean up the APT files we could remove them like this: # rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists/* RUN git clone && \ cd bllip-parser && \ make && \ ./ install # Start me with: # docker run -it --rm -p 5901:5901 jimwhite/bllip-parser-python # Then at the prompt you can start VNC if you want graphics: # ./ # That will prompt you for a password and start up the VNC server. # On a Mac you can use the builtin VNC client using open: # open vnc:// # That is the default VirtualBox IP address. You can display it with this command: # boot2docker ip # Which means you could also do this: # open vnc://`boot2docker ip`:5901 # You can also enter `vnc://` in the location bar in Safari. CMD [ "/bin/bash", "-login" ]
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