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Short Description
This is a fast deploy container of E-Hentai Hentai@Home clients
Full Description

Step by step:

Simply runs (recommended)
"docker run -i -p 18888:18888 -t jiok/hentaiathome python /home/hath/ -v <client id> <client key>"
(you might need 'sudo' to run docker, or be a superuser)
(be sure to assign the correct port, here the 18888 is my setting)

Advanced command (with some optional command, check below):
"docker run -i [-d] -p <host port>:<docker containter port> -t jiok/hentaiathome python /home/hath/ [-v] <client id> <client key>"

or run with bash, edit /home/hath/hath_config.conf to set your user id/key, after that, call
"python /home/hath/"
to start the H@H program.

For detail setting, heading to E-hentai H@H page.

Docker command explanation:

"-d": (not recommended when first deployment)
run container in detached mode(no message is shown in docker console), you will need to attach that container if you want to check the error message

"-p 18888:18888":
This means it expose port 18888 @ your docker host, of course you still need to finish the port mapping if your docker host is under NAT. (WAN port could be set at H@H page)

"python /home/hath/ [-v] <client id> <client key>"
This is my script for H@H, automatically parse H@H process msg and enter client id/key if needed. The '-v' options display ALL the message from H@H, otherwise only WARN and ERROR would be displayed.

H@H folder path:
Files: python script to trigger H@H
hath_config.conf: config file to store id/key

Docker Pull Command