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sftpcloudfs is a SFTP proxy to Open Stack Object Storage (swift)
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sftpcloudfs Docker image

First pull the image with:

docker pull jjmartinez/sftpcloudfs

You can run the SFTP server with:

docker run --env AUTH=YOURAUTH -d --name sftp -p 8022:8022 jjmartinez/sftpcloudfs

Replace YOURAUTH with the public authentication service of your Swift provider (eg.

The ENV variables are:

  • AUTH: authentication service URL (unless it is provided by a conf file by mounting the volume, this is required).
  • PORT: port to listen for connections (default: 8022).

For further configuration you can mount /config/ volume and copy the following files:

  • Your own sftpcloudfs.conf file (eg. for Keystone 2.0 auth), see this configuration file as an example.
  • An existing id_rsa key (by default a new one will be created when the container is run).

The image already includes memcached and Keystone support.

Building the container

Get the docker directory and run:

docker build .


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