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Short Description
ParFlow.CLM is an open-source, fully integrated surface-subsurface hydrologic model.
Full Description

A full description of ParFlow is available at:

The manual contains several examples on how to develop a ParFlow model.

How to Use the Image?
This image packages the ParFlow.CLM model and depending libraries such as Hypre, Silo and OpenMPI. ParFlow is a UNIX based program but this images allows the user to run the model on Windows platforms as well.

Step 1: Install Docker
Instructions for installing Docker are available at:

Step 2: Download the Little Washita test example files from

Step 3: Run ParFLOW
Open a terminal and navigate to the Little Washita folder containing the tcl input script. Copy and paste the following command
docker run --rm -v $(pwd):/data jjsaeta/clm-10level:entry


run will download the image and executes it afterwards.
--rm will remove the container when the model is finished.
-v $(pwd):/data maps the current folder as the internal data folder
for ParFlow.

Docker Pull Command