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A lightweight Git Server Docker image (13 MB) built with Alpine Linux. Available on GitHub.
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A lightweight Git Server Docker image built with Alpine Linux. Available on GitHub and Docker Hub

Basic Usage

How to run the container in port 2222 with two volumes, keys volume for public keys and repos volume for git repositories:

$ docker run -d -p 2222:22 -v ~/git-server/keys:/git-server/keys -v ~/git-server/repos:/git-server/repos jkarlos/git-server-docker

How to use a public key:

Copy them to keys folder: 
- From host: $ cp ~/.ssh/ ~/git-server/keys
- From remote: $ scp ~/.ssh/ user@host:~/git-server/keys
You need restart the container when keys are updated:
$ docker restart <container-id>

How to check that container works (you must to have a key):

$ ssh git@<ip-docker-server> -p 2222
Welcome to git-server-docker!
You've successfully authenticated, but I do not
provide interactive shell access.

How to create a new repo:

$ cd myrepo
$ git init --shared=true
$ git add .
$ git commit -m "my first commit"
$ cd ..
$ git clone --bare myrepo myrepo.git

How to upload a repo:

From host:
$ mv myrepo.git ~/git-server/repos
From remote:
$ scp -r myrepo.git user@host:~/git-server/repos

How clone a repository:

$ git clone ssh://git@<ip-docker-server>:2222/git-server/repos/myrepo.git


  • Expose ports: 22
  • Volumes:
    • /git-server/keys: Volume to store the users public keys
    • /git-server/repos: Volume to store the repositories

SSH Keys

How generate a pair keys in client machine:

$ ssh-keygen -t rsa

How upload quickly a public key to host volume:

$ scp ~/.ssh/ user@host:~/git-server/keys

Build Image

How to make the image:

$ docker build -t git-server-docker .


You can edit docker-compose.yml and run this container with docker-compose:

$ docker-compose up -d
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